Boris Vellekoop;

Lively, bold and full of spirit with a passion for online marketing, creative thinking, webdevelopment and penguins*. Also running my own streetwear brand in the weekends.

*The updates and the real penguins

Breaking Ground;

A streetwear brand with focus on ideology and art. I am the owner of the brand and builder and marketer of the webshop.

Front-End in Cape Town

Besides having a rad time surfing in the sun, I did an internship at the digital agency GSDH in Cape Town. Working on different projects -such as LTG AG, Kofi Annan Foundation, Affilinet, Weihenstephan and Bet-at-home- I gained greater knowledge about front-end languages and techniques. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, SVG en Gulp.

Talent Night

On June the 16th New Brand Activators organised a Talent Night for student and other young talent. The talent night involved Bavaria, one of the major Dutch beer brands, they wanted an original concept for starting a craft beer. Together with three other students, we created the winning concept of that night. It was called BRW/CRW and aimed at distributing the beer like a drug, while giving the "users" an opportunity to join BRW/CRW by drinking a lot. We won a temporary job at New Brand Activators. Here is a recap video of that night.

Voluntary Work

On Saturday I help elderly people from Eindhoven with their computer, smartphone, mail or anything IT related in the library. Some of these days I prepare workshops about the use of android, ios, building websites or security. It's nice to give something in return while studying.


Online Marketing with Boris Vellekoop, written in Dutch.

KEA Charrette

In the autumn vacation of 2014 we (a select group from Fontys University)went to Copenhagen for the KEA Charrette. For five days we would work intensively with students from all over the world. Creating concepts for buildings, parks and more for a more homely Copenhagen. We created a Pinball Park under a highway, which won the visionary prize. There is a full explanation here, by a nervous me presenting in front of a crowd of 200 people.


If you want to know more about my career you can turn to my CV, here you will find more about my skills, past and experience. You can also contact me directly on the page below.